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For men with erectile dysfunction, sexual life has traditionally been extremely difficult and frustrating - it feels impossible sometimes. The medical industry promised that it was all going to be easier, thanks to a batch of new treatments for erectile dysfunction, including Viagra. They were right, because it is easier - if you're married.

Single men with ED don't have the luxury of planning out their sex beforehand so that they know when to take their medicine. Instead, the best single men can do is try to slip into the bathroom to take a pill and hope that the night turns out well after all. Hope that you didn't waste it.
Now, if you can find a willing sexual partner, ED is no longer the problem.

The Psychological Complications of ED

The real stress of erectile dysfunction comes from the various psychological complications that come up, especially when you are single and dating.

Low Self-Esteem:

Many men with ED have self-esteem problems. Remember, erections are not a measure of your worth. Don't compare yourself to insane ideals set up by media outlets - they are just trying to make you feel inadequate so that you'll buy stuff. Erectile Dysfunction doesn't stop anyone from being manly and sexy.


There are two kinds of anxiety that come with erectile dysfunction, and we'll cover both in turn.

  • Performance anxiety

The lack of self-confidence in the ability to get erections often causes men to have trouble performing sexually. If this is a problem for you, notice the stream of thoughts that enters your mind when you are just about ready to start having a good time: “What if my erection doesn't work? Will my partner still like me? What if I don't satisfy? What if I'm too small? Oh god, they're going to think I'm not man enough.”

It's very important to overcome this nonsense. For one, even if you manage to go through with it and have the sexual experience, you won't enjoy it as much. For another, this anxiety often limits your performance - if not kills it - which reinforces all of those cruel, negative thoughts.

To beat performance anxiety, give yourself a pep talk beforehand. Remember that those things aren't true and think about only the facts, not speculation. Try positive visualization - just like the best athletes do - and picture yourself having and giving a sexually satisfying experience.

  • Anxiety during dating

Being single is exciting, but stressful. There are a lot of unknowns and irrational worries for men without ED, and erectile dysfunction just makes it worse. When your confidence is shaken, people can tell. But there's no need to be anxious.

Medication can help overcome this burden. Anxiety pills will help with the anxiety, but building up a good track record using ED medications will cure both ailments.


If ED is your only concern, telling her is probably a personal preference. Telling your partner you have ED might relieve some anxiety, but, if you know you are not going to have adverse reactions, it should be no problem to keep it to yourself. Since Cialis lasts 36 hours, it's easy to find a convenient moment of privacy.

Try Cialis

Singles sex is all about spontaneity. Sex is rarely scheduled, so take the pill that gives you 36 hours - Cialis.